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CM/Cleanfax® magazine has been reporting on carpet cleaning and disaster restoration since 1986. Within its pages, you will find tips on the latest cleaning techniques, and advice on business and staff management. Grand View Media Group's articles on new products and equipment, as well as their industry survey reports, will help you keep up with this rapidly-changing market.CM/Cleanfax® is now available in an environmentally-friendly digital edition. All qualified subscribers are eligible to receive a FREE introductory subscription in the digital format. Only qualified subscribers in the United States, Canada and Mexico are eligible to receive a free introductory subscription to the print version.

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Forensic Magazine®

From new product announcements to timely articles, Forensic Magazine Daily Newsletter features the latest technology, its applications, and relevant information for forensic scientists, crime scene investigators, and forensic specialists.

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Freelancing Fundamentals

Begin by taking a look at your career goals, the systems that will support you, and proper ways to plan for success. Find out how to marshal your resources, refine your portfolio for presentation to clients, and estimate your costs to avoid any surprises on the financial front. Plus, discover how to create invoices, manage your books and taxes, expand your client base with marketing, and grow your business. A bonus chapter covers common questions freelancers have when entering the field.Topics Include:What is freelancingFunding your startupFinding professional service vendorsInvoicing and getting paidOnboarding clientsGrowing through hires and partnershipsAlong with the free video training tutorials you will also receive monthly offers, tips, and insider information you won't hear elsewhere—including special discounts extended to newsletter subscribers.After taking advantage of the free video training, you can access all of's video tutorials by becoming a member of the Online Training Library®. Membership plans start at $25 per month, and require no long-term commitment.

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Landscape Management

Landscape Management serves the professional landscape field. Their goal is to be the first source for business and operations solutions, industry news and trends, technical updates and other critical information needed by landscape/ lawn care contractors and grounds professionals.

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Oversee Profit & Loss, Marketing or Medium-Sized Chief Executive? Classified Executive Briefing

Southwest Airlines founder and his longtime operations chief strategically planned out how to net profit margins and capture market share.More Important Are You / Your Profit Model and Marketing MechanismIf you can put smart, legitimate product positioning and low-tech marketing to work, you too can recognize higher market share."Spear fishing" (tm) usually trumps "pier fishing," unless your company issues stocks and bonds to finance big brand / top - of - mind ad campaigns to the mass public over decades.Coca-Cola Corporation, Exxon, Boeing, DeBeers, Toyota, et cetera.If your revenues are under a billion, this short case study is advantageous to you / your managers.For Southwest and their stockholders, it is a viable alternative to "yeah me too" marketing alongside 10 other airliners offering similar routes and fares like fishermen lined up on a pier casting out with the same shrimp hoping to God a fish bites theirs. Corey Weiner has worked on lead generation for advertisers like Merck and Company, GlaxoSmithKline, Wyeth-Aerst, Novartis, NY Life Advanced Markets, AXA Equitable, John Hancock USA, Sun Life of Canada and AIG American General.And four-plus years doing consumer behavior research for the renowned Nielsen Company qualifies Corey to refine / reposition multimedia for advertisers less interested in brand / top-of-mind awareness and more so in sales lead generation (new business activity).Corey's YouTube channel and classified executive briefings give subscribers hard-to-find case studies covering Microsoft, Mastercard, AOL, DeBeers, Nissan USA and others in concise clips.

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No other industry publication reaches more packaging converters who PRINT-flexible packaging, folding carton, tags and labels, specialty printing, and corrugated containers. As the only publication dedicated to the printing of packaging, packagePrinting reaches more than 25,175 professionals at more than 14,900 individual plant locations-accounting for more than 92% of the $84 billion U.S. market.

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Pest Management Professional

Pest Management Professional believes the pest management industry is a people business and their goal is to bring all the people of the industry — pest management professionals (PMPs) and marketers — together in one information-driven community.

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PIERS Sector SnapShot - TransPacific Trade

Make competitive analysis work for your SMB organization, to increase your bottom line and achieve results. Download your FREE PIERS Sector Snapshot of TransPacific Trade/3Q08 today! Then use PIERS to identify — and reach — TransPacific buyers and sellers.

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Plumbing & Mechanical

Subjects covered include labor, merchandising, training, job-site management, plus product and installation technical material. The intention is to strengthen the readers' performance as a vital link in the process which brings plumbing and hydronics products from the manufacturer to the ultimate buyer.

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Point of Beginning

Published monthly, they are dedicated to helping surveying and mapping industries succeed through their coverage of new applications and evolving technologies, practical solutions to surveying and mapping problems, and business, legal and educational issues.

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Printing Impressions

Published monthly, Printing Impressions magazine provides authoritative coverage on industry trends, emerging technologies and the news behind the news in the Graphic Arts industry. They profile successful executives and their companies, giving insightful information on how they have been able to thrive, not just survive, in a highly competitive marketplace. Their regular contributing columnists consist of recognizable industry pundits who provide keen insight and inspiration.

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Snips magazine has been published monthly for over 74 years. Topics covered include new products & technology, business management tips, application stories, equipment and shop & field reports.

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Sound & Communications

Each month, Sound & Communications delivers in-depth application design/install solutions, new products, news, technology tutorials, market analysis and reference information.Concentrating on the commercial AV systems integration segment, coverage includes breaking news, system design and applications, trade show reports, new technologies and tutorials, and extensive product information.Known as the applications source, Sound & Communications specializes in in-depth analysis of major installations and technical white papers in every issue.

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Stone World

With technical information, high quality architectural photography and in-depth international industry coverage, Stone World is designed for and read by the top buyers and decision makers who specify, quarry, fabricate, export, import, distribute, design, sell and install stone and stone-related equipment and supplies.

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What's inside the Box?: Multi-layer Security and Customs/ Border Protection (CBP)

The contents of all containers bound for the U.S. are well documented for review by Customs and Border Protection, which uses sophisticated analytics to target cargoes for investigation. The key result is a secure global supply chain; a byproduct is an abundance of data that yields market intelligence for business decision-makers.This information brief discusses how Customs and Border Protection (CBP) uses a multi-layered approach to ensure the integrity of the supply chain from the point of stuffing through arrival at a U.S. port of entry.

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World Pipelines

Each issue includes pipeline news, a comprehensive regional review, detailed industry commentary, the latest pipeline project reports and expert technical articles.

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